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The Gendered Nature of Care

In this second blog post, Sara Wallin explores the gendered nature of care for older people in England. In a previous post, she laid out how marketization and austerity entrench the undervaluation of the...


Public call for evidence

Our public call for evidence is now available. If you would like to contribute evidence to the PSA Commission on the Crisis of Care in Austerity Britain then please read the following document Public Call...

Caring female nurse helping African descent, senior female patient.  She assists her in using her walker. Close-up of their hands. Unrecognizable people.  Nursing home/assisted living, home, or clinic setting. Physical therapy, recovery.

Crisis of Care in Austerity Britain

The Political Studies Association Research Commission into the Crisis of Care in Austerity Britain will be reporting in September 2016 on the current crisis that is playing out in the delivery of care to...